October 21, 2017


We’re Engaged! We are excited to be sharing our happiness with everyone. We will be blogging as we are planning to let everyone in on little details of our wedding. The Wedding party that we have chosen is some of our closest friends and family, whom we are so happy they said yes to being a part of the festivities that come with being a part of the bridal party!! Amanda Huffman is not only the Maid of Honor but she is also being the Wedding Planner as well and she has already helped us tons with decisions and in doing so she has made it so much easier on us!! Our parents are our biggest inspiration in us getting married. Lori’s parents have been married 35 years & Trey’s parents have been married for 30 years their long lasting love for one another give us faith that we will share the same love for each other that they do for one another. So please join us over the next year and many more years to come by sharing our happiness with each other. 

Thank You 

Lori ~n~ Trey